Friends Establish Memorial Fund For Redhook Employee Killed In Accident

At the request of a Redhook employee and friend of Ben Harris, the all too young 26 year old employee of the Redhook Brewery who died as a result of an accident at the Portsmouth brewery, I am passing along information for a fund established to help support his family. A fund has been created […]

Death to Beer Cocktails and Collaboration Beers: the Latest Rant…

It’s been a wild ride in the world of craft beer over the past few years. The craft beer market has experienced serious flux and now appears at a crossroads, one from which it’s difficult to forecast what will happen next. We’ve gone through the highs and lows of the twin extremes of hop bombs […]

Beer Blogging, Ethics, Journalists, Payola, and Maybe a Beer or Two…

A few weeks back, a handful of beer writers and bloggers kicked around the issue of writing, ethics, and coziness with the brewers we all cover in one form or another. As the discussion occurred on Twitter, it was necessarily limited to 140 characters, which, frankly, got pretty ridiculous when I added @Beervana @agoodbeerblog @BoakandBailey […]

Fighting Beer Fatigue

Fatigue is a dangerous thing for a beer lover. It plays with your mind, causing you to question what you know to be true and second guess your old friends. The symptoms of such worrisome weariness are familiar and difficult to avoid, even for the most optimistic craft beer enthusiast. The longer I am part […]

Looking Back, Looking Forward To A New Year Of Beer…

End of the year predictions have become de rigueur in the beer world. I’m not much for prognostication, especially in an industry as diverse as the increasingly international world of craft beer. It’s better to reflect on where we’ve been over the past year to get a sense of what is to come. Reviewing the […]