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Second To Last Word On Beer Wars: Sold Out In Boston…

I’ve just learned that the film has sold out in Boston’s sole theatre showing it. That’s great for the producers but not so great for those of us who waited to get tickets. So it looks like I’ll be catching the opening act at the Lucero show at The Paradise after all and offering my thoughts on the film after it comes out on DVD. Look forward to hearing what others have to say about the film

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2 thoughts on “Second To Last Word On Beer Wars: Sold Out In Boston…

  1. Hey Amy-

    In thinking about it, I’m not really surprised, although the possibility didn’t register on a conscious level. BeerAdvocate has been heavily promoting the event locally, Boston has a very strong beer geek and industry presence, and a lot of us know Todd Alstrom, one of the panelists. I also have no idea how big the theatre is so we shall see. I managed to score a ticket from a friend so I’ll be in attendance. I imagine that Boston may be one of the only places in the country to fully sell out.



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