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  1. Andy, My brother-in-law gave me a copy of the New England beer guide and I’m realy enjoying it. We do beer tours when I vacation in New England and the web is very helpful, but I feel your book will help us locate places that we may never have found. I was happy to see that Paul Davis had continued his Castle Springs beers as Troutbrook, but it appears from the Website that he is no longer there. Do you have any idea where he landed now? His IPA and Lager were some of the best I ever had.
    Thanks for all the 12 OZ. curls you did in research for your books. I’m looking forward to reading the new one.
    Thanks again
    Mr.Mojo (Earl)

    1. Hi Earl-

      Thanks for the kind words. Paul ended up leaving Troutbrook, which is now Hooker Brewing, and is in the process of opening his own brewery in Effingham, New Hampshire, near the site of the former Castle Springs. It is called Prodigal Brewing and the beers are very good so far, as per Paul’s usual.



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