But Who Will Think Of The Innocent Pumpkins…

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Fall is a fantastic season if you enjoy change, beautiful scenery, and crisp outdoor happenings. Fall is a terrible season if you happen to be a gourd… Somewhere around mid-Autumn, the Great Pumpkin Slaughter begins. And perhaps ground zero for the decimation of innocent pumpkins is the Cambridge Brewing Company in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The brewers […]

Death of Buzzards Bay, Part Deux?

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Almost as soon as it arrived, the Just Beer Brewing Company’s listing in the Massachusetts Beverage Business Magazine, the price guide that lists products available to retailers, has disappeared. I believe it only appeared for a month, perhaps two, before taking its exit. No word on whether the brewery has rethought plans to offer its […]

So Has Rock Art Actually Won Anything?

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The beer blogosphere has been filling up in the last twelve hours with news that viral Goliath slayer Rock Art Brewery has indeed bested its potential litigation rival Hansen’s Beverage Company. Details at this point are surprisingly scarce, with Rock Art’s own website only celebrating victory without defining its terms. VICTORY! America You have saved […]

Belgian Beer Fest Recap, Lawsuits Flying Around, and Other New England Beer Happenings…

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It’s been a while since I wrote about the New England beer scene, as my focus has been more on the national and international. So I thought I’d take a few minutes this suddenly snowy afternoon to offer some brief updates on the New England beer scene. Openings and Closings Since writing The Good Beer […]