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Andy Crouch is an award-winning freelance writer whose thoughts on beer have been featured in National Public Radio’s The Splendid Table, USA TODAY, the Washington Post, the Chronicle television program, and many other publications, podcasts, and media outlets.

His articles on beer have appeared in Boston Magazine, Men’s Health, Ale Street News, All About Beer Magazine, American Brewer, BeerAdvocate Magazine, Beer Connoisseur, Beverage Magazine, Celebrator Beer News, New Brewer Magazine, Yankee Food News, and here on BeerScribe.com. He presently writes the monthly ‘Unfiltered’ column for BeerAdvocate Magazine and a bi-monthly column for Beverage Magazine.

Buy Great American Craft Beer by Andy CrouchHis most recent book, Great American Craft Beer, is available now and was published by Running Press in August 2010. Great American Craft Beer takes readers on a passionate and informative journey through the most palate pleasing ales and lagers produced in America today. Built on the inalienable truth that there is a beer out there for everyone, the book directs readers to focus on the flavors they already enjoy tasting, such as sweet fruits, roasted coffee, or bitter hops. This unconventional approach allows drinkers of all experience levels to step right up to the bar and order their next pint with confidence. It is available on-line and in bookstores, including through BeerScribe.com’s Amazon Showcase.

Buy The Good Beer Guide To New EnglandHis first book, The Good Beer Guide to New England, was published by the University Press of New England (UPNE) in May 2006. A passionate celebration of taste and travel, it is the first and only comprehensive guide to the bounty of great beers produced by all of the breweries and brewpubs in the six New England states. The guide will leave readers with an unparalleled resource for enjoying the array of quality beers produced in New England. Reflecting the reader’s desire to travel to new places and experience local, handcrafted products, the guide provides detailed reviews of New England breweries and brewpubs along with additional content about beer and its history. It is available on-line and in bookstores, including through BeerScribe.com’s Amazon Showcase.

Andy Crouch is represented by the RLR Associates literary agency.

Andy Crouch lives, writes, and practices criminal law in Cambridge, Massachusetts. BeerScribe.com is a website dedicated to the art, complexity, and business of beer.

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