Cambridge’s B-Side Lounge To Become the Lord Hobo, Licensing Problems Ensue…

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I’ve written here and elsewhere about the continuing troubles and sordid history of the popular B-Side Lounge here in Cambridge. The coverage has even made it into the Boston Herald and the Boston Globe’s online editions. One of the last local pubs to be integrated into the neighborhood, the B-Side reminded me of the many […]

The New England Beer Rumor Mill Swirls…New beer bars in Boston, Lowell Beer Works, and A Shelton Goes AWOL

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What follows is a host of smaller news items that I haven’t been able to fit into any particular place so I’ve decided to place this here until I can offer further follow-up and detail. One Shelton Gets High and Mighty Word is that one of the founders of Shelton Brothers has left his day […]