The Renaissance of Craft Beer: A Conversation on NPR’s On Point Radio

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A few months back I was a guest on the NPR show On Point Radio, produced here in Boston. It was a fun hour of talking about craft beer, both from a flavor and business perspective. The show is about an hour in length and you can listen here.

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  1. Love it! I always say similar to what you said at 4:08 “drink what you like”. I am a brewer at Saugatuck Brewing Company in Douglas, Michigan and I don’t snub beer that is popular, hell I drink PBR at times. I always try to get people to taste a beer that they think that they will not enjoy. I ask them what they like. If it is a light beer, I suggest our blonde.

    I was in the same boat as you, not really liking the beer because I drank the popular ones (Budweiser, Miller, etc.), then I tried Guinness in college in ’96 I was for ever changes. Then I tried Sol Sun (now called Oberon) by Bells in ’97 and was floored by how good beer could taste. Great interview!

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