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GBGTNE Update: Cold River Brewing to Open in North Adams, MA

A newspaper in North Adams, MA, tucked in the upper left hand corner of the state, is reporting that a few enterprising guys plan to open a new craft brewery there.  The partners, Christopher Post, Allan Duvall, Chris Cuzme and Alex Hall, have applied for a license to open a 15-barrel brewery to be located in a 4,000-square-foot space in Delftree building at 234 Union St.  The team has experience brewing and working at the Chelsea Brewing Co. and Greenpoint Beer Works.  Expect real ale to be a focus of the operation.  Hall is the editor of the Gotham Imbiber and a hardened CAMRA proponent.  He informed the BeerAdvocate readership that the brewery has already ordered 50 firkins.

The guys will go before the local planning board on March 12.  From the article, it appears they will fight the continuing battle against beer ignorance.

“I think it’s a labor of love, more than anything else with these guys,” he said Monday. “They started coming in a year ago, and finally, we thought the proposal was ready. As long as it’s not going to sell beer or have any smells associated with it, then it will be fine.”

The mayor said he was sure any odor issues would be dealt with at the Planning Board meeting.  The mayor in North Adams said of the proposed brewery:

“In no uncertain terms can there be an odor,” he said. “I guess they have ways to prevent that. Seeing all the other breweries don’t have this problem, I don’t think it will be an issue.” 

Best of luck and drop me a line with more details.

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6 thoughts on “GBGTNE Update: Cold River Brewing to Open in North Adams, MA

  1. Good news and good luck to Alex and co. but…boy is that mayor a bit out of touch with [brewing] reality.


  2. Well… nothing much happens in North Adams without the mayor’s nod – and we got planning board approval for our proposal yesterday! Yeah! Now the hard work starts. Seriously, we’re really excited about the project, and many, many heartfelt thanks to the brewers at Sixpoint, Chelsea, Pittsfield Brew Works and Northampton Brewery for their letters of support – which helped convince the mayor that “all the other breweries don’t have this problem”!

  3. Chris-

    Excellent news and welcome to the New England beer scene. Great to see your brewing brothers and sisters offering support. And you’re right, the hard part is only beginning. Let me know when you guys are closer to opening so I can do a follow-up piece.

    Best of luck,


  4. Great! Some real beer in North Adams. Cant wait to try some. Its to bad that most people around here dont know what a good beer is. People think that good beer is Bud Light. Whats up with mayor Saying “As long as it’s not going to sell beer or have any smells associated with it, then it will be fine.? I didnt know that selling beer had a smell. LOL. No, but for real, what a dink. The mushroom place smells on hot summer days. So dont worry about smelling beer. Anyway, enough with the negative stuff, Great to see you guys up here in good old North Adams. Cant wait to try some.

    -Andy S-

  5. Hey guys, is there any update on this? I live and work in the Northern Berkshires, and can’t wait to have some fresh, local brews to sample.

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