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So Quiet Here, So Much Running Around…

Things have been pretty quiet around here, with only the occasional Twitter update in recent weeks. I’m still trying to square the impact of Twitter on this site, balancing the convenience and lure of short, quick Twitter posts and the longer ones required here. In any event, it’s been a long and busy few weeks, starting with the Craft Brewers Conference (which seems like several weeks ago) and leading into a week-long trip to Belgium. I’m back now and it continues this evening with the Cambridge Brewing Company’s 20th Anniversary Party. I’m optimistically hoping to attend at 5 pm or so but realistically think it may have to wait until tomorrow as I arrived home from Europe late last night. So we’ll get back at it here soon but things may continue to be a little slow as I need to pen a few columns and articles and eventually get around to writing more of the new book.

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