Pennichuck Brewing Back On The Mat…

After announcing its closure only to take it back the next day, Pennichuck quietly acknowledged that it is indeed going out of business. Or at least in its present form…

The owner has now taken to Craigslist to sell off pieces of the brewery.

Pennichuck Brewing Co is realigning all company assets. We have
multiple listings for Glass ware, grain, tools, growler bottles, 12 oz
bottles, 22 oz bottles, photo copiers, brewery equipment, milk crates, Desks,
chairs, computers, beer, pallets of boxes, 6 pack carriers, If it was
in the brewery and not listed here call or email to see if we have
what you are looking for. You are welcome to come to the brewery to
look at what is selling or just buy the last of the Pennichuck beer
that will be sold for the next 9 or so months until we begin
production again. We are located at 127 Elm St, Milford, NH 03055.
603-261-5957. Email philjewett@yahoo.com

The last part of the announcement suggests future operations, doubtful under the best of circumstances where a brewery closes up its production facility. As the brewery is no longer producing beer, its supply will quickly dwindle from distributor warehouses and store shelves, only to be replaced with another, stronger brand. Reclaiming share of mind, whether from distributors or consumers, is an incredibly difficult thing to do once you’ve disappeared from the market. And considering that the brewery is selling off its equipment, contracting its brands appears to be the next step. This move has also proven unsuccessful for many regional brands, from Nutfield to Tremont and beyond. I expect we won’t be seeing much of Pennichuck in the future…

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