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Is Lord Hobo Open?…The Website.

So anticipated and long-awaited is the opening of the Lord Hobo beer bar in Cambridge that someone has put together a bit of a spoof website playing upon the delays. Surfing on over to, and you’ll get the answer that many diners and beer lovers around Boston and Cambridge have been asking for about six months. Hopefully this website will be short lived in its utility. Long delayed by a series of unfortunate events, from a liquor license fiasco with the Cambridge Licensing Commission, to ongoing bankruptcy proceedings, to a physical structure that by many accounts was rotted to the core and in need of considerable repair, there remains no firm date for the Lord Hobo to open. A few dates, most recently one in October, have been suggested only to come and go with no opening. A menu has been posted on the bar’s bare bones website, leading to a lot of unnecessarily snarky responses over at the Chowhound site.

Work on the exterior a while back resulted in the unveiling of a decades old sign for Pickwick Ale, similar to one that can be seen outside of Doyle’s in Jamaica Plain. I hope that piece of beer history survives the overhaul of the bar.

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