2009: 22 ounces. 2010: 7 ounces. 2011: Thimble-sized Beers…

A few places are reporting the news that the Rogue Ales Brewery of Oregon is going to shift production of its XS series from larger ceramic vessels to tiny 7-ounce bottles. There’s also news that Norwegian brewer Nøgne Ø is going to shift some production to 8.5-ounce bottles. While this is perhaps a welcomed transition from the over-sized bottles of recent years (thanks a lot for that unwieldy 1-liter swingtop bottle of 11-percent Imperial Stout), I’m curious about how such beers will be priced. If the price points remain considerably high compared to their tiny volumes, I’d say its an unwelcomed trend that will eventually lead to drinking half-ounce measures from a thimble…

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3 thoughts on “2009: 22 ounces. 2010: 7 ounces. 2011: Thimble-sized Beers…

  1. Ah, so they’re going back to the original bottles…!

    Hopefully nicer, non-screw-top versions of those old-school Old Crustacean bottles, though. Like the Old Foghorn bottles.

  2. Sometimes you don’t want a shitload of a big beer like the Rogue XS series, and the smaller 8oz bottles will do great. But I agree, if the price doesn’t stay consistent with the size, this will be a bunch of crap.

  3. I love those Old Foghorn bottles, and I — for one — would welcome a smaller size of some of these 10+% ABV beers for a sleepy Wednesday night when I don’t feel like polishing off the alcohol equivalent of nearly 4 “standard ABV” 12 ouncers before going to bed

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