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Trillium Brewing Reopens, Additional Details Of Closure By State Revealed

Multiple outlets are reporting today that the Trillium Brewing Company, located in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood, has reopened today after a several week closure. The reasons for the brewery’s closure were shrouded in considerable mystery, with its owners making few public statements, usually on, about the situation. With the re-opening, more details are now available.

According to an investigator’s report obtained from the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC), on November 23, 2014, the Boston Police Licensing Division contacted the ABCC to alert it that Trillium might be operating without a proper 2014 license. After administratively determining that it had not issued Trillium a 2014 license, investigators from the ABCC visited the brewery and determined that it was operating without a proper license. When investigators were able to buy a growler of beer (for $23.31 the report notes), Trillium was immediately closed by the state and its owners sought to renew its Farmer-Brewery license for 2014. At that point, it had been operating for nearly a year without a proper license.

Trillium’s owner, JC Tetreault, reportedly told the ABCC investigators that he had recently become aware that the brewery had not yet renewed its license and he had the license renewal in an envelope, which he showed the investigators. He apologized for the mix-up and immediately said he would correct the situation.

Trillium thereafter submitted its application for the license renewal and the ABCC held a hearing on December 9, 2014, on the request. Today the ABCC issued Trillium a 2014 license, nearly one month after it was closed.

The ABCC has confirmed that Trillium did not apply for a renewal of its 2014 Farmer-Brewery license until December 2, 2014, following the visit from ABCC investigators. The ABCC further explained that it sent Trillium a renewal notice on November 1, 2013. When no application was received, the agency sent Trillium a reminder on March 4, 2014 and another communication on October 15, 2014.

Trillium Brewing will be open everyday this week, besides Christmas Day.

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